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Take a look at Fallout 3's 'Operation Anchorage' DLC


click to enlarge, Wastelander
Feeling like a feral ghoul? Buck up, because Bethesda has dropped a mini-nuke's worth of screens from its first Fallout 3 downloadable episode, Operation Anchorage. As we reported yesterday, the DLC is a virtual reenactment of the US offensive against Chinese forces in Alaska from Fallout lore.

What can we tell from these shots? Well, for one, Metal Gear Solid 3's Shagohod is in there. (Okay, just a sort-of-look-alike.) Oh, and there's a new weapon, the Gauss Rifle. Neat! Also: a guy looking at a map and – could it be? – an oil pipeline. Dear heavens. Sadly, there's still no official word on when we'll be able to get all cold and frisky in pre-Brotherhood of Steel power armor.

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