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Crazy AT&T gets $150 refurb'd iPhone 3G in stock, will club a baby seal if you don't buy one


If Walmart's $197 iPhone 3G had you salivating, wait until you get ahold of this deal: AT&T has refurbished iPhone 3Gs in stock for a mere $150, effectively doubling your rice and ramen budget for the month should you take the plunge. AT&T claims the refurbs were returned within the 30 day trial period, are quality tested, and might be just a little scuffed up. If you're really feeling wild, there's also a 16GB refurb available for $250. Apple and AT&T are being a little shady on the warranty, stating "90 days or more," as opposed to the standard one year, but that's a risk you and your growling stomach are just going to have to take.

[Via Cnet]

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