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Do you care about PvP anymore?

Matthew Rossi

Today, our own Zach Yonzon asked if you were ready for Arena Season 5. This led me to reflect and realize that no, I'm not ready. I don't even know if I'd say not ready so much as finally, completely and totally uninterested in PvP entirely. I simply don't care, not even remotely. I don't care about Wintergrasp, haven't been there since it opened. I don't care about Strand of the Ancients, or any of the older battlegrounds. I sure as heck don't care about Arena and I'm not trying to come up with a comp for any of the brackets there. By intertwining the aspects of PvP as they have, making it so any of the decent rewards require you to do both arenas and gather honor points, Blizzard has finally succeeded wildly in their 'Make PvP totally uninteresting to Matt Rossi' program. They've been working on it for a while but with Wrath of the Lich King, they've finally delivered the goods.

Part of the problem is that I just really don't care about arenas, and never really have been able to make myself care about them. Since I play a warrior, I'm expected to spec arms and go smash faces in them (to the point where I found myself getting a ludicrous amount of tells asking me if I had a team/ was specced arms) but I simply find the playstyle tedious. I played 3x3 and 5x5 for roughly a season, did okay (not great, I'll admit that I'm not terribly skilled at it either) and gratefully stopped doing it as soon as I could spec prot and start tanking, Now that I'm fury, I don't see the point in taking the talents clearly designed towards PvP viability when I could take ones that increase my raid DPS. Heck, I haven't even been to Wintergrasp.

And that's why PvP has lost what lustre it had for me. I enjoyed piddling around on my off time in BG's. I enjoyed taking my alts in to grind for some decent (outdated, but still decent) gear for them to use in instances or on PuG raids: the stuff wasn't great, but a few pieces of Season 2 on my alt meant that he had more survivability and could put out better DPS for that Karazhan PuG, or stay alive to heal longer. I was the very definition of a casual PvPer. I dabbled in BG's on the side, when I wasn't tanking or healing an instance run or raiding. I played BG's more on my shamans, since it was a good way to practice healing in extreme circumstances.

I find myself wondering what BG's are like with the people like me gone. Who do the dedicated PvPers kill? Each other? Maybe the experience is better for them without folks who barely know what they'd doing to zoom in on and stunlock to death while we desperately try and throw Earth Shield on ourselves. So how about you? Are you a PvP player first and foremost loving the new focus,or do you miss your free kills? Are you a sometimes PvPer who finds that sometimes is now closer to never, or has PvP taken on new significance? I could imagine going the other way, from a casual PvPer to an enthusiast, even if it hasn't been that way for me.

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