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Call of Duty: World Fails at Buying It


Or the United States does, at least. Arguably due to a lack of minigames, GameDaily noted that Call of Duty: World at War sold miserably on the Wii (and DS). The latest NPD numbers saw the Xbox 360 (1.41 million units) and PS3 (597,000) versions in second and sixth place respectively, but the Wii iteration was nowhere to be found -- something you guys also picked up on.

In fact, the Wii game lagged embarrassingly far behind its high-definition cousins: according to GameDaily, the PS2, PC, DS and Wii editions sold around 200,000 units combined. This makes us genuinely fear for games like The Conduit. Call of Duty is pretty much the biggest name in the console shooter business, so if that can't shift copies on Wii, what chance a brand-new IP?

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