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The Queue: Momma said knock you out

Alex Ziebart

Welcome back to The Queue, WoW Insider's daily Q&A column where the WoW Insider team answers your questions about the World of Warcraft.

Another day, more Q&A. Let's just get started, eh?

MauroDiogo asked...

I'm facing a bit of a dillemma. I've got a level 80 druid (Feral). a 70 warlock waiting to be levelled and a fresh new Death Knight (and many many other alts which I dont feel like levelling at the moment) I've recently spent almost 3K Gold in new tanking gear,enchantments and gems for my druid and the following day I went a bit emo and lost interest in the druid. To make things worse Allison wrote the article about how feral druids are doing in comparison with the other in-game tanks.

Shall I just stick with my druid and hope that better days will come or shall I focus on a different character?

Just stick with your Feral Druid unless you seriously do not want to play a Druid anymore. They're not all that bad. They're a little trickier to use, but certainly not bad. It looks a lot worse to the people playing them than to everyone else, too. Frustrating to play? Yeah, maybe. Bad tanks? Nah.

When my 10-man is running Naxx casually, it's pretty random who we use to tank. The Warrior? The Druid? The Death Knight? A Paladin we brought along? Doesn't matter much, really. When we buckle down and decide to get some achievements done, our Feral Druid is front and center doing most of the tanking, because they take so very little damage.

The Momma Said Knock You Out achievement was so hilariously easy because of our Feral Druid that we've decided it's easier to do the fight that way every single week instead of bothering with sacrifices. Some of our other tanks could not take a beating like that at our gear level. The Feral Druid, though? She's barely taking any damage at all.

Swipe is probably insanely annoying to use in situations you need to generate AOE threat, and that's a big frustration for Feral Druid players. Feral Druids still rock the house down when it comes down to picking a tank to mitigate obscene physical damage.

Buf asked...

Why don't Blood Elves and Night Elves speak the same language?

One, game mechanics. Keeping a language barrier between the factions is for the good of us all, as I've mentioned a few times before.

Two, their civilizations have been separated for thousands and thousands of years. They shared a language at one point, but after so much time being separated from each other, their language has probably just evolved into two totally different things. Heck, America's existence would be but a blink in the eye of a Night Elf (age-wise), and our English has moved away from the English in a lot of ways.

I bet there are times when someone from the UK would have no idea what the hell we Americans are saying to each other in a casual conversation. Different regions end up creating their own dialects. After enough time, those dialects can progress into an entirely different language. I think 10,000 years of isolation from each other is enough time for that 'different languages' stage to kick in.

Eternauta asked...

I have a very noob lore question: Is Illidan dead? Same question for Kael'Thas.

Illidan is very, very dead unless Blizzard decides to whip out some weird plot twist. We were given no indication that Illidan survived the encounter, unlike when you 'kill' Kael'thas in Tempest Keep. The quest item very clearly says, "Neener neener, eat it you suckers, I'm still alive!" Then we kill Kael'thas again in Magisters' Terrace and take his head this time. So yes, they should both be dead by now.
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