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Service manual reveals there might be a Touch HD with North American 3G after all

Chris Ziegler

Last time we spoke to HTC on the subject, they'd told us that there wasn't -- and to the best of their knowledge, there would never be -- a Touch HD that supported 3G on the 850 and 1900MHz bands. For Windows Mobile fans in the New World, that depressing realization has been like a knife through the heart since the WVGA monster's September reveal. But hey, hold up a second, because the Blackstone's (HTC's internal name for the HD) service manual just got outed, seemingly suggesting that there's another version of the phone floating around that supports North American 3G. It's hard to say whether this phone exists and was canceled, never left the drawing board, or is simply yet to be announced -- CES, perhaps? -- but a fan can dream. [Warning: PDF link]


Update: We've heard back from HTC on the matter, and the company is reiterating the same stance it always has: "There are no plans to launch a version other than the 900/2100 model on the market today." Come on, guys, please? We've been extra good this year, honest.

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