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The Silent Keynote Campaign


The Apple keynote address at Macworld Expo is usually a boisterous affair, full of cheering, applause, and anxious chatter about new products. With 2009 being the last year of Apple's attendance at Macworld Expo, Lesa Snider King thinks that a silent protest might send a message to Apple's leadership:

On Tuesday, Dec. 16 Apple Inc. announced that Steve Jobs would not do the keynote at the 2009 Macworld Conference & Expo. That's okay. They also announced that they would no longer attend the conference in the future. That's not okay. For 25 years, a very loyal and passionate Mac community has descended upon the halls of Moscone Center in San Francisco, CA to see, hear, and learn more about the computers they love. By announcing their departure from this beloved show hosted by IDG, Apple is sending a message to the entire community -- professionals, hobbyists, media, Mac User Groups, and even IDG themselves--that they care nothing for the community who supported them through thick and thin.

If you're attending the Macworld Expo keynote on Tuesday, Jan. 6, you can send a message to Apple by remaining silent during the 2009 keynote. While Phil Schiller is on the stage, let there be no applause, no whistling... just utter and complete silence.

My name is Lesa Snider King and I'm mad at Apple.
My personal opinion is that Apple can do whatever it wants, and that IDG and the Mac community can decide to do whatever they want to. If Apple announces something really insanely great at Macworld Expo '09, would you really stay silent? Let's hear your opinion of the Silent Keynote Campaign.

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