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WRUP: Chrismahanukwanzaka Edition

Ross Miller

Also known as, "I logged onto Xbox Live and all I got was this damn snow globe" Edition.
  • Alexander Sliwinski: Going to play Far Cry 2 or Fallout 3, but really haven't decided. Figure I'll also spend some time in Northrend. Too many other games to play.
  • Christopher Grant: Did you make it to the Engadget meetup in NYC tonight? I didn't, thanks to the very forces of nature conspiring against me. Instead, I'll spend the evening in PlayStation Home mingling with strangers and talking about video games ... just as if I was there! Either that or continue on Far Cry 2 and Fable 2. In other words, just the F2s for me.
  • Griffin McElroy: I think I've got a beat on a Dreamcast in my hometown. Going to snag it, then play through the copy of Shenmue that's been sitting in my bottom dresser drawer for the past four years. Also trying to finish disc 3 of Final Fantasy IX. Man, JRPGs are long. Whodathunkit?
  • Kevin Kelly: is (whoa-oh) living on a prayer.
  • James Ransom-Wiley: Will be sitting quietly on West 27th Street.
  • Jason Dobson: Like Randy, I plan on giving Midnight Club: Los Angeles a spin this weekend, if only because my son has become hoplessly enamored with the commercials. That said, on Saturday I celebrate my 34th birthday, which means I'll probably spend much of my time -- in between eating cake and drinking more than my fill -- wrapped in a comforter and weeping. That's kind of a game, right?
  • Justin McElroy: I'm going to desperately try to save my co-workers and family on my iPhone in Dr. Awesome.
  • Ludwig Kietzmann: I'll be pickpocketing everyone in Fallout 3, if I'm not too busy engaging in some tactical, turn-based shootery in Valkyria Chronicles. I'm also feeling the urge to buy up all the remaining property in Fable II's Albion. I never knew I had this property magnate inside of me.
  • Randy Nelson: My gaming plans for the weekend as focused on wrapping up (and by that I mean finishing, not, y'know, gift wrapping) the remaining games I'm considering for my 2008 top five. Prince of Persia must be beaten. I'll probably give Midnight Club: Los Angeles a rent as well, since I loved the second and third games in the series. I'm 85 hours into Fallout 3, so I feel confident I can consider that one. GTA IV, Fable 2, Dead Space, etc. have all been beaten. What else should I play? Anyone?
  • Ross Miller: Holy crap I'm done with school ... but more importantly, I beat Prince of Persia (confession: loved it). Now onto beating Fable 2 so that I can ponder whether or not to (a) start over as a bad person, (b) turn into a bad person by devastating an entire city or two or (c) delay this decision until after Knothole Island DLC so that either way I can dress up as a flamboyant Dread Pirate Roberts. Also: Dead Space. Even also-er: Must play Mirror's Edge if Blockbuster finally has it in stock.

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