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Realtime Worlds: We'd be 'gutted' if MS gave Crackdown 2 to another developer

Dustin Burg

Talking to videogaming247, Realtime Worlds studio head Colin MacDonald addressed the recent Crackdown 2 rumors, specifically the fact that Ruffian Games was developing the sequel.

"Although to date we haven't had an offer from Microsoft for the Crackdown sequel rumoured, we continue to have ongoing discussions with them" admitted MacDonald adding that if Microsoft were to chose another studio to make the sequel, they'd want it done by "by an established, renowned developer that had the track record of delivering the quality gaming experience Crackdown players would demand." MacDonald confirmed that a handful of ex-Realtime employees have gone to Ruffian, but that the majority of the team remains and also made it clear that they doubt MS would chose a "startup on RTW's doorstep" (Ruffian) to develop Crackdown 2.

Stil no Crackdown 2 rumor busting or confirmation, but this is turning into a developer soap opera. How entertaining.

[Via Game Stooge]

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