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VOOM HD networks going kaput in America

Darren Murph

Sad to say, but we sort of saw this one coming. After DISH Network decided to ditch the 15 VOOM HD channels earlier this year, it was practically a matter of time before they vanished completely without a surge in support from other providers. Today, Cablevision Systems announced that it would be pulling the final plug on the VOOM HD stations (in America, anyway) in late January. The move will also mean that an undisclosed amount of employees will be out of work, though some staff will remain on to handle international distribution. Joshua Sapan, Rainbow's chief executive, was quoted as saying the following: "It became clear that we can no longer operate Voom domestically, particularly without EchoStar fulfilling its obligations and providing its support." Please tell us we aren't the only ones who just got a mental image of the bitter beer face™.

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