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'Significant interest' shown in purchasing Free Radical

Though we heard a number of reports on Thursday stating otherwise, it seems that TimeSplitters and Haze developer Free Radical has yet to shuffle off this mortal coil. Things are apparently not as grim as the initial reports suggested -- well, okay, they were recently refused entry into their office, and have officially gone into "administration", which many would consider quite grim indeed. However, if the most recent report on the matter is to be believed, all hope is not lost for the once-Rad developer.

According to an employee at ReSolve, the administrator for Free Radical, there's already been a great deal of interest shown from publishers who want to purchase the developer, acquiring their assets and (remaining) employees. This interest largely stems from two undisclosed projects the developer had under their wing during their collapse, which many believe to be new entries into the Timesplitters and Star Wars Battlefront franchises. The rumored involvement of Battlefront is enough for us to hold out hope for an old-fashioned Christmas miracle.

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