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The Daily Grind: 'Tis the season


It's that time of year again -- when every MMO on the market decides to break out in some form of winter-y celebration. Festivities abound! AoC is handing out gifts, EVE offers snowball fights, Nexon holds festivals, Warhammer celebrates Keg End, Lineage II lets you save Santa, the World of Warcraft celebrates Winter Veil, Guild Wars players celebrate Wintersday, City of Heroes and Villains hold their uncreatively named Winter Event, LotRO hosts the Yule Festival, EverQuest II celebrates Frostfell, Final Fantasy XI hosts the Starfall Celebration, and probably a number of other events in a number of other games that have slipped our immediate notice.

Whew! If you haven't been overwhelmed by the sheer amount of holiday cheer provided by that simple list of events, then here's the question(s) from Massively HQ to you. Are you celebrating this holiday season MMO style? Seeking out every seasonal quest and seeing how many MMOs have virtual eggnog to indulge in? Would you prefer not to have real world holidays barging into your virtual reality? Or does celebrating in real life provide you with more than enough holiday cheer for one lifetime?

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