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MS sponsors family friendly Xbox house parties

Dustin Burg

In an effort to expand the Xbox 360's target demographic, recently Microsoft hired House Party, a marketing company that sets up house gatherings, to promote the Xbox and market its products. Word of mouth style.

Around 1,000 pre-screened House Party participants hosted at-home events around the country with the only stipulation being that they had to invite at least ten other friends and family. For their Xbox party hosting, they were gifted $150 in Xbox goodies including a few games, some Microsoft points and peripherals. Not a bad deal.

"In order to get to the next 20 million [Xbox 360 sales], we need to get a new audience of women and teens," explained Microsoft's Heather Snavely. "We're going after them in ways that are different than ways we've done before." Let's party!

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