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Ask Engadget: Best consumer-level HDD camcorder?

Darren Murph

Seems like the holidays are always good for sparking up a discussion on camcorders -- after all, what better time to have one than when everyone in your extended family's family is gathered together at your house? Take a break from the turkey and gift bags and give Chaz's question some thought.

"I've been looking for a decent HDD-based camcorder. I just want to use it for normal everyday use, and maybe to record some live performances, like dance shows and stuff like that. I'm not looking to spend a fortune, and I'm obviously looking for the biggest bang for my buck. Thanks for any advice!"

Chaz might just be onto something here, as these memories you're making this week will be lost forevers and evers unless someone pulls out the camcorder and lights up the red light. If you've recently purchased a hard drive-based camcorder, why not toss in your advice? As for us, we'll point to Samsung's SC-HMX20C and simultaneously ask you to send in a question of your own to ask at engadget dawt com.

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