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Casio Exilim NX9250 phone spotted in Verizon livery

Nilay Patel

We had an inkling that Casio and Verizon were up to something when we caught an Exilim-branded phone working its way through the FCC, and it looks like that hunch was right-on -- check out this hot snap of an Exilim NX9250 that just turned up. We're told that the chubby-looking handset features a 5.1 megapixel camera (right, Exilim) and "possibly" a WVGA screen, and those hinges suggest a swivel-flip design -- too bad it doesn't look as slick as that W63CA we were secretly hoping for. We'll see what this one looks like all dolled up -- we've got a feeling we'll find out soon enough. One more shot after the break.

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