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Furutech intros $700 F-TP615 power filter / AC distributor

Darren Murph

Ah, there's the Furutech we know and love! The company made famous for charging obscene amounts of cash for AV items that cannot possibly be worth their weight in gold is back in full force, pumping out a power filter / AC distributor for $700. For those untrained in mathematics, that's around $116.66 per outlet. Of course, these aren't just any outlets, as each one is tested with its own α (Alpha) cryogenic and demagnetizing process and is plated in 24k gold. You'll also notice a proprietary Axial Locking System which purportedly lowers receptacle resonance by a factor of ten, and the high-grade aluminum chassis effectively shields against RFI and alien radiation. If you believe all of that, you can gleefully give your cash away right now in exchange for one.

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