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Rumorong: Steel Battalion Wii collapses like so many downed mechs


Our hearts were briefly aflutter this morning upon seeing news of a Steel Battalion port for the Wii. Could it be? Were we about to get a second chance at buying that insane 40-button, $200 controller/dashboard that shipped with the Xbox original? Well, no, we weren't -- and for two reasons. Reason one: Capcom was planning to develop the game with support for the Wii Remote, the Nunchuk, the Wii Wheel, and the Balance Board, and sell it for a mere $45, sans amazing controller. Reason two: the story isn't actually real.

That's right: this was all a prank by Spanish site, which has now posted a disclaimer at the top of its article stating that the story was merely "a joke similar to the English April Fool's Day." Gutted. On the bright side, some sites are still reporting this as the real deal, which makes us feel a bit less stupid for believing it in the first place.

[Via Balance Board Blog]

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