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Rumors swirling around new iMacs


It seems that an upgraded iMac is a shoe-in at Macworld Expo in January. It's a consumer show, and the iMac is Apple's consumer desktop. Plus, it hasn't received a significant change in a while, so it's due. Now that the winter holidays are just about over, the Expo rumors have begun to circulate.

AppleInsider has posted a few iMac rumors. First is mention of a new "...magnesium-aluminum alloy chassis," as well as a "cooling module." That's all the details there are, folks, so your guess is as good as ours if the current fan system will be replaced. We all know Steve and Jon Ive like quiet machines.

The more solid rumor is about the new 65W, low-power, quad-core desktop chips Apple is expecting from Intel. Along with Acer, HP and Dell, Apple has decided to make use of these chips, according to DigiTimes, though their target machine has not been identified. DigiTimes claims that these chips are suited to small form factor and all-in-one PCs.

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