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Rentobile offers up rental phones for folks stuck on contract


It certainly isn't for everybody, but if you've found yourself regretting your choice of handset and are still stuck on a lengthy contract, you may want to look into upstart Rentobile, which will let you try out a phone for a month or more and switch to another one whenever you get tired of it. Things could get a tad pricey if you decide to stick with the rentals for the long haul, however, with most of the phones running $24 a month for members or $36 a month for non-members, while some unlocked phones like Nokia E90 or even a 16GB iPhone will run $34/month for members and a hefty $51/month for non-members. According to RCRWireless, while the company has been around for three months already, they say they've only managed to sign up 50 members to date, although they're apparently planning to step up their marketing and advertising efforts in the not too distant future, and even hope to work out some special deals with manufacturers to sweeten the deal a little.

[Via RCRWireless]

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