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Ask Engadget HD: Best CableCARD-equipped HTPC?

Darren Murph

Here we are. The final Ask Engadget HD posting of the year two-thousand and eight. And if you thought you were getting off easy here on New Year's Eve, you thought wrong.

"I am looking to purchase a HTPC with CableCARD and bitstreaming audio via HDMI. Normally I would build my own computer, but since you can't get a CableCARD device after the fact (actually, you can), I am stuck buying one already made. I am looking for one in a home theater case that can sit in my rack, not a tower. Any suggestions?"

For those of you who've splurged on a pre-fabricated media PC with CableCARD capabilities, how do you like yours? Any major gripes? Thumbs up / down? Make sure Jordan doesn't start 2009 off with a sour purchase, alright?

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