Cannon PC starts offering internal CableCARD tuners for sale separately

If you're like some people we know - - yes Zatz, we're talking about you -- the idea of adding yet another box to your home theater setup isn't anywhere near consideration. Up until now, this meant that if you wanted to add an ATI Digital Cable Tuner to your Vista Media Center PC, you either had to hold your nose or spend the big bucks on one of the top tier OEMs that offered the internal version -- which is actually the same device sans a case, and yes it still connects via USB. Our friend Chris Lanier discovered today that Cannon PC started selling both the external and internal versions of the ATI TV Wonder DCT separately, so that finally those with CableCARD ready Vista Media Center PCs -- you know the OEM only ones -- can either add additional tuner, or opt to swap out the external variety for the internal type the takes less space, all for about $300 each.

[Via The Digital Lifestyle]