EVE Online player breaks 100 million skillpoints

One of the oldest characters in EVE Online, NTRabbit, made a fairly rare appearance on the game's official forums, reflecting back on the experience of having racked up over 100 million skillpoints. In EVE, hitting nine digits in skills imparts some serious bragging rights. In fact, those skills plus his years of experience lead NTRabbit to proclaim, "I am close to, if not the, premier combat character in the game."

He sheds some light on the path he's taken through New Eden, and in the process tells us what the game used to be like in the early days. For most of us newer players, it's an interesting window into how the game has evolved since EVE Online's beta in 2002. NTRabbit relates a few tales of his adventures in EVE's setting over the years, ranging from excursions deep into hostile space to find (fictional) implants that allow for dual skill training, to how he ended up as a high-ranking member of the notorious Guiding Hand Social Club -- a mercenary corp well-known for its focus on theft and espionage -- where he resides in EVE to this day. For older players, NTRabbit's post might be nostalgic, but for the rest of us, it's a look at the game as we've never really known it.