Live from Sony's CES press event

Joshua Topolsky
J. Topolsky|01.08.09

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Live from Sony's CES press event

3:50PM We're on the floor at Sony's big show in Vegas. There's a twisting line out the door, but we're about to head inside and grab seats. Stay tuned for live coverage as it happens!

5:04PM "Thanks again for joining us -- have a good night everyone!" And we're out. To the floor!

5:03PM Some 3D news... Sony will be enabling 3D broadcasts tomorrow. "Right here in this theatre, we'll have 3D content playing throughout the show. In addition, we'll have some prototypes of consumer 3D televisions. I expect Sir Howard will have more to share on this front."

5:00PM "The XBR9s are enabled with BRAVIA internet widgets. Supported by the Yahoo! Widget engine, they provide real-time updates and information. This will be found in several of our other TVs as well."

4:59PM "The new 2009 XBR9 BRAVIA televisions." Oooh, now that looks like some nice TV'ing.

4:58PM "But there's more BRAVIA news. Two years ago I demo'd our internet link -- since then we've hadded 25 content channels. Amazon, YouTube, Slacker..." "We were the first company to stream a movie broadband before it was available on disc."

4:57PM A new "eco line" of BRAVIA TVs. VE5 -- reduce power consumption by 40 percent and exceed energy star 3.0 reqs. HCFL lamp. Light sensor onboard, the "eco switch" -- zero watt consumption. A motion sensor that turns the TV off if no motion is detected in the room. Hope you don't have cats!

4:55PM "When companies talk about being green, it's just talk. When we launched our recycling program, being responsible was the thing to do. Our goal is to recycle one poound of waste for every product we sell in the country."

4:55PM "Stay tuned for even more news on the OLED front during Howard's keynote tomorrow. We've been working to listen to consumers. What do they need, what do they want? They're looking to align themselves with companies that think the way they do."

4:54PM "In the realm of TV, Sony is the brand that consumers aspire to own. Last year we shipped the first OLED TV." "Consumers still aspire to own products that represent the pinnacle of design. We'll be showing a new model which is 0.9mm thin."

4:52PM On the the PS3 and PSP. Not a ton to say about that apparently. They exist, they're on the floor.

4:51PM "Blu-ray is primed to become the standard for video playback. Sales have risen 300 percent year over year. Sony is positioned for continued Blu-ray leadership this year."

4:50PM So the VAIO is pretty much exactly what we'd already seen (and scooped)!

4:50PM Xross Media Bar... "No it's not on..." Webcam. Available for pre-order online tomorrow morning.

4:49PM Verizon is available for the P, real-time GPS.

4:49PM About the size of a business envelope, weighs 1.4 lbs, 3G built in, 802.11n, Bluetooth. Man that thing is tiny!

4:48PM "There are other ultraportable computing solutions... so hear we go... the VAIO P series."

4:47PM VAIO news! "They continue to gain attention... all of our new VAIOs employ BD LIVE functionality."

4:47PM HD, MPEG-4, 5x zoom, 20x digital zoom, 2.5inch LCD. "Available tonight at SonyStyle stores for $200, another model in April for $170."

4:46PM Sony's Webbie HD cameras! Aren't they cute! Cheapo, colorful camcorders.

4:45PM Shipping in march.

4:45PM Building up to some Handycam news. "I'm pleased to introduce Sony's new hard drive and flash memory models." The HDR-CX100, full HD, 8GB. HDR-520V, 240GB, 12 megapixel stills, GPS.

4:44PM "We're holding the biggest news about digital imaging for Stringer's keynote tomorrow..." New camera on the horizon.

4:43PM Discussing cameras. "How do we help get the photos from cameras to user's homes?" Ah yes -- new digital photo frames. The DPF-X1000 and V1000 -- SVGA, 1-2GB memory, Bluetooth.

4:42PM A handful of phones we've seen -- the C510... hmm, "Sony United in action" you say?

4:41PM Giving the XPERIA some love. "This year we're adding to the Cyber-shot and Walkman phone families."

4:41PM The new Walkman lineup -- the touchscreen PMP is officially official. Digital noise canceling? Wow!

4:40PM "We deliver value through innovative solutions..."

4:40PM BRAVIA, 350BD, the reader... all big sellers. "Consumers and retailers continue to put their trust in Sony." "We made progress in new directions with consumer categories..." "New business models are being integrated, like 4K HD." "This year at CES there are two primary areas on the floor -- one is in home, one is out."

4:38PM "I don't have to tell you that the last few months have been hard, there were moments when I found myself struggling to remain optimistic." "While sales were down slightly, Sony enjoyed higher than expected sales this season."

4:37PM "Good evening everyone -- thanks for joining us. I know it's been a long day, so I'll be quick, informative, and be gone." Smattering of laughter.

4:37PM "Please welcome the president and COO -- Stan Glasgow!"

4:36PM Ah yes, Sir Howard Stringer is in the house.

4:36PM Now we're meeting the staff... ooh, Kaz! And... some other Sony CEOs.

4:35PM "That zeotrope was built for this commercial... the largest of its kind. Of course, we call it the BRAVIADrome."

4:34PM It's is quite gorgeous footage, we won't lie. Sony sure knows how to pull off a spectacle.

4:34PM Now we're seeing a timelapse video of the setup for the commercial. Essentially, a commercial for a commercial.

4:33PM "It's already generating a lot of buzz on the blogosphere." Yes, buzz brought on by tireless shilling of the ad.

4:33PM "Sony is an entertainment powerhouse, Sony Pictures, music, PS, mobile, and more. Our united efforts are stronger than ever. And one example is what I'm about to show you..." Oh man... he's pimping their BRAVIA commercial.

4:32PM We're getting a history lesson on Jeopardy right now. We're not kidding. They're talking about Jeopardy Live. This is not the mind-blowing, face-snapping intro we were hoping for.

4:31PM "Thanks Johnny... thanks for joining us at Sony's conference. Hopefully by now you've noticed I'm not there -- I'm on the Jeopardy set at CES." Wow -- that is not awesome.

4:30PM And we're off! Wow... oh man... Jeopardy...

4:22PM So it's official, the VAIO P will be $900. That's not... cheap.

4:20PM We've already seen the VAIO P flipping around on the screens outside the theatre. Clearly Sony is ready to break this one out.

4:19PM Some folks in the back just ripped off their shirts and starting "sphering" with a pair of glowsticks. It's pretty ravey.

4:16PM We're inside! Some serious, serious trance happening in here. It's like 1999 all over again.
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