RCA dishes new 16GB SL5016 Lyra Slider MP3 player, we yawn

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Really, RCA? You come all the way to Vegas to unload a slightly more capacious version of your already unexciting Lyra Slider MP3 player? As of today, consumers waiting on pins and needles for this here DAP to arrive with 16GB of memory built-in can thank their lucky stars, as the SL5016 offers just that. 'Course, we have no idea why you'd pay $119.99 for it, but maybe the bundled easyRip software is some amazing value-add that we just can't comprehend.

Simple to Use, Offer Fast and Easy Access to Most Frequently-Used Functions

Products Simplify Loading and Managing AV Content and
Are More Intuitive Than Competitive Media Players

Las Vegas NV – January 7, 2009 - International CES, Booth 11006-10506 - Audiovox
Corporation (NASDAQ: VOXX). With thousands of MP3 players in the market today, RCA has
broken through the clutter of difficult-to-load and hard-to-operate competitive products with a
line of digital media players that are the easiest to use players on the market thanks to RCA's
exclusive easyRip™ Media Software.

easyRip Media Software is automatically activated when RCA MP3 players are
connected to a PC, without needing a separate, extra CD-ROM installer like
competitive products require. EasyRip allows for quick and simple loading and
management of AV content and provides fast and easy access to frequently used
functions. It is more intuitive than other jukeboxes and media players and, with
interactive desktop tools, provides the user with a refreshingly easy experience.

Immediately after activating the MP3 player on a computer, widget icons (also
called "widgets") appear on a PC and interactive desktop tools give quick and
easy access to the most used activities. The easyRip software helps users
organize a PC music library's music, videos, photos and playlists. The user can
view and sort by artist, album and genre.

A user-friendly search bar provides quick and efficient access to files while
serving up all the necessary information to edit, manage, and view those files.
There are several ways to capture and upload music and video to RCA digital
media players. First, the easyRip CD Ripper feature lets users easily download
music directly to a PC library or the RCA digital media device. Next, the video
recorder can capture Web video for playback on RCA video-capable devices.
Additionally, the audio recorder captures any audio playing on a PC including
streaming audio from the Web. Finally, the Media Playlists feature helps create
personalized sets of songs or playlists, which can be quickly assembled, managed
and edited. "EasyRip Media Software is the answer for getting the most
complete, quality playback performance from RCA MP3 players," said Tom
Malone, president, Audiovox Electronics Corporation.


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RCA Lyra Slider MP3 Players

The new RCA 'Slider' MP3 Players are the latest models to
feature the easyRip software. Available in two new 16GB
(SL5016) and 8GB (SL5008) configurations, the Lyra models
both feature a big 2.2-inch full color TFT LCD display and the
company's latest sleek slide design. Music, books, podcasts
and most downloads and subscription services can be played
back in MP3 or WMA. Play back special photos (in JPEG
format) and enjoy the FM radio with 20 presets for easy access
to favorite stations, plus voice recording capability. Video
playback is also included, and RCA's exclusive easyRip
software automatically converts common video formats for
playback on the player. A built-in Lithium battery assures up
to 30 hours of audio and 5 hours of video playback.
Manufacturer's Suggested Retail Prices: Model SL5008 (8GB)
- $99.99; Model S5016 (16GB) - $119.99.

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