Nintendo sets US sales records in 2008, collects $200

While 2008 saw investments wiped out, institutions falter, and record job losses, the house that Mario built chugged its way back into the record books. According to NPD Group statistics, Nintendo sold a record 10.17 million Wii consoles to US Americans in 2008. That trumps Nintendo's own record of 9.95 million consoles sold in the relatively healthy 2007 economic climate. Nintendo added to its money pile by hawking 9.95 million DS handhelds for the year compared to the 8.52 million sold in 2007. Those tallies represent 55% of all consoles and 72% of all handheld consoles sold in the US. Daaaamn.

P.S. Want to see what Nintendo's 2008 dominance looks like in the form of a pie chart? Check the amazing graphic after the break.