Atom-powered Stinger 553 SFF PC could likely withstand nuclear stresses

For the man who proudly owns an Impenetrable Iron Drive comes this, the Atom-powered Stinger 553 from CodaOctopus Colmek. Hailed as a rugged tactical small form factor PC, the box you see pictured above measures just 5- x 5- x 3-inches and is built to MIL-STD-810F and MIL-STD-461E environmental standards and MIL-STD0704E power supply voltage standards. For the layperson, that means it can withstand an almost ungodly amount of vibration, dust, humidity and sandblasting. Packed within the aluminum alloy chassis is an unnamed Atom CPU, 2GB of RAM, a 128GB SSD, eight USB 2.0 ports and plenty of other goodies that'll handle mission critical applications. It seems as if you'll have to phone up the company in order to get a price, but considering that you could almost take this to war, we wouldn't bank on it being cheap.