New races, continent, skills, and more coming to Mabinogi

Seraphina Brennan
S. Brennan|01.30.09

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New races, continent, skills, and more coming to Mabinogi

Nexon America as just informed us of a huge expansion coming to Mabinogi, titled Pioneers of Iria, which will be featuring a huge brand new continent, two new races for players to create characters as, new skills, new magic, a new exploration system, dungeons, cities, the works.

Pioneers of Iria, due to release sometime late in February, will introduce the brand new continent of Iria -- a land mass over three times bigger than the current continent of Ulad. Iria is also the home of the races of Elves and Giants, which will be featured as brand new player races.
One of the new game features is the addition of exploration level and exploration experience. Over 600 new exploration quests will be available in Iria, which will center on the player finding hidden statues, dungeons, rare monsters, and relics. To find these areas, players will have access to abilities that allow them to change the shape of the land to find buried relics, sketching abilities to record monster locations, and the L-rod which beeps when close to exploration points.

Other features include the ability to play dead and not be attacked by monsters, the stone throw ability that allows players to aggro monsters from a distance, the middle ice magic spell ice spear, and the warrior's final hit ability -- a skill that lets the player attack without delay and teleport to a monster for a limited amount of time.

More information will be released by Nexon in the coming month, but we here at Massively will keep you updated with the latest information as it is made available.
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