Caption Contest: Best Buy FTW

Laura June Dziuban
L. Dziuban|02.04.09

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Caption Contest: Best Buy FTW

A Twitterer documents the demise of one big box via the burn of another.

Tim: "And thus the 2009 FatWallet suicide craze began."
Josh F: "First!"
Joe: "Yeah, but what about the Palm store?"
Laura: "So, you're telling me I have to pay full price for this copy of Final Destination IV? FINE."
Richard: "...And we finally have proof you never actually shopped there anyway."
Paul: "We've also stopped matching Buy More prices ever since that silly 3D episode."
Jacob: "...And we're therefore rebranding to Kinda the Best Buy.'"
Ross: "For $100, the Geek Squad has offered to read these aloud to you. For an extra $50, they'll stop themselves from giggling through the word 'unfortunate.'"
Nilay: "Also, it's okay to start liking 'Just What I Needed' again."
Sean: "We will, however, attempt to make the Circuit City faithful feel right at home with some new bait and switch tactics of our own."
Don: "Circuit City employees will be hired based on their technical knowledge, communication skills, and rapping ability."

[Thanks, Adam]

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