Reader UI of the Week: Three UIs for your consideration

Elizabeth Harper
E. Harper|02.09.09

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World of Warcraft allows all of us an unprecedented ability to modify our user interface to meet our needs. Each week WoW Insider will bring you a fresh and detailed look at reader submitted UIs. Have a screenshot of your UI you want to submit? Send it, along with your character name and server, to

Our Reader UI of the Week feature has been on ice for a while now, but is back by popular demand. To make up for lost time, today we're going to feature three, count 'em, three different UIs followers of our Twitter feed sent in. Though there's plenty we might say about each UI, we're just going to toss out the raw data for your consideration. Is there more to say? Let us know in the comments! We'll get started with the above from Byron, who tells us, "This is a modified and customized version of DaedhirUI, which you featured a couple months ago. The main addons I use are Dominos, Pitbull, and Healbot." He's using Ampere, Atlas, AtlasLoot, Buffalo, Chatter, Class Timer, CowTip 3.0, Deadly Boss Mods, Decursive, Dominos, eePanels2, EnhTooltip, Fubar 3.5, Good Damage Font 2.0, Healbot, Informant, Omen3, OmniCC, Pitbull 3.0, Portfolio, Postal, Quartz, Rating Buster, Red Range, Scrolling Combat Text, Sexy Map, and Stubby.

Two more UIs -- and your comments -- are still to come, so read on!


Above we have the interface of Daninkai of Illidan (Alliance). He tells us, "I've tried to incorporate the functionality and informative aspects of my addons in as neat a presentation as possible. One of the things I dislike about a lot of UI's that I've seen is that there are bars and windows in places that hamper vision, and in Wrath raiding, where situational awareness is everything, visibility is one of my top priorities. I also like things to look uniform, so I tried to balance the placement of my addons according to traditional design principles because I find it to be less distracting. I've also placed things in places where I'm likely to find them quickly."

Daninkal is using Bartender, ButtonFacade with Caith skin, Chatter, CowTip, DBM, Decursive, eePanels2, ElkBuffBars, FuBar, FuBar_ClockFu, FuBar_InstanceInfoFu, FuBar_MoneyFu, FuBar_PortalFu, FuBar_SimpleDurabilityFu, Grid with GridManaBars, ItemRack, MikScrollingBattleText, Minimalist, Omen, OmniCC, PitBull, Quartz, Recount, and SexyMap.

Our final interface of the day comes from Morten, who tells us, "I saw that you were accepting screenshots of user interfaces, so I started building further on my (else very) clean UI, and got this! It has a lot of components, but the visible ones are: Pitbull (unit frames), Bartender4 (action bars), Quartz (cast bars),Satrina Buff Frames (buffs at top), Ninja Panel (panel at top), Recount (the thingie at the bottom right corner), simpleMiniMap (minimap editer), Prat (chat editor), ButtonFacade (editor of.. buttons..), and QuestHelper (the arrow)."

Have your own UI that you'd like to show off? We're specifically looking for some interesting Death Knight Uis to feature next week -- so if you're a Death Knight with a custom user interface, send us your screenshots! E-mail with a screenshot (or screenshots!), a list of the addons you're using, and anything else you have to say about your interface. You may find yourself featured here next week!
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