DC Universe Online and its appeal to female gamers

James Egan
J. Egan|02.11.09

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DC Universe Online and its appeal to female gamers
The days when comic books and video games were predominantly male pastimes are thankfully fading into memory, and the growing number of women gamers in the MMO space drives this point home. But are these games "female-friendly?" According to MTV Multiplayer, we may see Sony Online Entertainment reach out to women with DC Universe Online.

Tracey John recently interviewed DCUO creative director Jens Andersen and senior producer Wes Yanagi about what the upcoming title may have to offer women beyond some of the in-your-face combat we've been seeing lately in the DCUO footage. Andersen says DC Universe Online won't just be about clobbering the hell out of your opponents. Rather healing, buffing, and support in the game are designed to be far more engaging, not simply stats shown in the interface. Andersen believes that these elements of gameplay, combined with extensive character customization will draw more women to the super-hero title.
The interview also focuses on striking a balance between hardcore and casual gameplay, and how accessibility could be key to the success of DC Universe Online. Check out what the DCUO devs had to tell MTV Multiplayer, and let us know if you think the game does, in fact, have appeal to a wide demographic.
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