Screen Excellence ships super-wide VistaCurve screen

With a name like Screen Excellence, you know it won't be cheap, but it'll probably be a real treat for the eyes. If you're shaking this recession off like it's your job, you'll be delighted to know that said company is now shipping its VistaCurve projection screens for those with the requisite coin. The new range is comprised of curved 1.78 and 2.37 aspect ratio models, both of which are available in sizes from 80- to 160-inches wide. They also feature the company's Enlightor 4K (EN4K) screen material formulation, which is said to be the "first and only acoustically transparent screen material that has been designed specifically for high-end Commercial D-Cinema and cutting edge residential high-end installations." The fixed frame models start at $5,800, but look, it's way better than importing Philips' Cinema 21:9 and being stuck at 56-inches.