Skyhook XPS integrates with TI's NaviLink and WiLink mobile solutions

Darren Murph
D. Murph|02.16.09

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Skyhook XPS integrates with TI's NaviLink and WiLink mobile solutions

It's not that hybrid GPS systems are all that new, it's just that most are working totally under the radar. Skyhook's hoping to get its rendition out in the open a tad more via a new partnership with Texas Instruments. The company's XPS hybrid positioning system is now cleared for integration within TI's NaviLink and WiLink mobile solutions, though there's no mention made of who all is drooling to get this into their phones. In short, Skyhook's XPS works by detecting WiFi hotspots, raw GPS readings and cellular IDs, and then comparing that information against a known database of geo-located points. In theory, this stuff could totally amp up the location abilities of most any handset, but in reality, we wouldn't be surprised to see it get swept away and forgotten just like the eerily similar announcement between Skyhook and Broadcom. Full release is after the break.

Skyhook Wireless Works with Texas Instruments to Enhance GPS and Wi-Fi Positioning Capabilities

Skyhook XPS to be integrated into TI's NaviLink™ and WiLink ™ mobile connectivity solutions

BARCELONA, SPAIN - February 16, 2009 - Skyhook Wireless today announced that Texas Instruments Incorporated (TI) will integrate Skyhook's XPS – the world's first hybrid positioning system – into TI's mobile connectivity solutions. Skyhook's XPS software solution will enable hybrid location positioning capabilities on TI's NaviLink™ 6.0 and WiLink™ 6.0 solutions, available today, and on select future platforms. Skyhook and TI will demonstrate the combined solutions with leading social network, local search and geo-tagging applications in the TI booth (#8A84) at Mobile World Congress, February 16 – 18, 2009.

Skyhook's XPS produces accurate location information by detecting Wi-Fi access points, raw GPS readings and cellular IDs, and comparing this information against a known database of geo-located points. By taking advantage of a range of signal capabilities within the device, the XPS technology accurately determines a location in less than a second, minimizing power consumption to meet consumers' expectations for an accurate location read wherever they live, work and play.

"TI's connectivity technology already enables tens of millions of location-aware mobile devices in the market today," said Ram Machness, system and software marketing manager, wireless connectivity solutions, TI. "Combining Skyhook's technology with TI's NaviLink™ and WiLink™ offerings will further enhance these marketing-leading technologies, driving a more ubiquitous location based services (LBS) experience".

Mobile phones with GPS and Wi-Fi are driving an explosion in the number and type of location-based applications and services. Now TI's NaviLink and WiLink products, enhanced with Skyhook XPS, provide customers with more superior location coverage and performance.

"The combination of Wi-Fi and GPS-based location technologies is perfect for mobile devices such as Smartphones, media players and Netbook computers," said Michael Shean, senior vice president of business development for Skyhook Wireless. "Skyhook Wireless continues to work with TI to enhance the accuracy of anytime, anywhere location services driven by TI's connectivity platforms."

About Skyhook Wireless
Founded in 2003, Skyhook Wireless has pioneered the development of the first patented, hybrid positioning system to fully leverage Wi-Fi, GPS and cell towers delivering precise location data supporting the growing market for location-based services. Skyhook's patented positioning system XPS requires no new hardware, works indoors and outdoors, provides an instant location and is more accurate than current technologies in congested downtown areas. Skyhook Wireless is headquartered in Boston, MA, and is privately held. Investors include RRE Ventures, Bain Capital Ventures, Intel Capital and CommonAngels. For more information visit, send email to or call 617-314-9802
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