Acer F900, M900, X960, and DX900 hands-on with video

Acer's new Tempo lineup of middling Windows Mobile 6.1 sets isn't going to steal the show from the TG01, the OmniaHD, or the Magic, but it's not like they're total failures -- they're just way behind the curve. Engadget Spanish did the honors, and it looks like Acer would have been better off spending the time getting these ready to ship with 6.5 instead of the amusingly quaint Microsoft Bob-like Acer Shell it's come up with to skin 6.1 -- all it's missing is the dog. Add in a general sense of lagginess and a stubborn resistive touchscreen, and we'd say this round is better off skipped. So much for those budding Acer fanboys. More galleries and a video after the break.