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Gateway intros four new gaming desktops

Gateway intros four new gaming desktops
Darren Murph
Darren Murph|February 25, 2009 4:31 PM

While Gateway's been on the laptop bandwagon of late, it's good to see the company doing its thang on the desktop front, too. Kicking things off is the bargain-priced LX6810-01, which houses 8GB of RAM, NVIDIA graphics, a built-in TV tuner and a $799.99 price tag. The even more affordable DX4200-11 gets going at just $609.99 and features an AMD quad-core CPU, ATI Radeon graphics, 6GB of RAM and a 750GB hard drive. Stepping things up quite significantly is the FX6800-09, which sports a Core i7 CPU and a $1,649.99 sticker. Rounding out the bunch is the $1,299.99 FX6800-11 and the currently unpriced entry-level FX6800-01e. If any of these caught your fancy, head on past the break for a look at the full release.

More than ever, today's consumers are looking to maximize their
technology dollar. Whether the purchase is necessary or simply for
fun, today's shopper wants to be assured they are getting the best
value possible. Offering some of the best performing and outfitted
systems on the market for the money, Gateway's latest line up
continues that trend.

A killer value at $799.99, the LX6810-01 bests its quad-core
competitors on performance due to its whopping 8GB of memory and
lightening fast NVIDIA graphics. With 8-channel high-def Dolby Home
Theater and built in TV tuner, it's the perfect PC for someone needing
a digital media work horse and media center.

The DX4200-11 is a solid PC that delivers amazing technology and
features for the price. Just $609.99, it includes an AMDX-4 Quad-Core
Processor, 64-bit Windows Vista Home Premium, ATI Radeon graphics, a
massive 750GB hard drive and 6GB of RAM.

Of course, the they both include numerous user-friendly features that
consumers have come to expect from Gateway –
• a 15-in-1 media card reader with a smart copy button (allows
instant downloading and filing of images off a digital camera)
• fast Gigabit Ethernet
• an HDMI port, for transmitting uncompressed hi-def video to
digital TV or LCD for the smoothest, sharpest images possible
• IEEE 1394 FireWire for transferring large media files from DV
camcorders, digital audio/video devices, external hard drives and
high-performance DVD burners
• DVD Writer w/ Labelflash for burning custom music, videos, presentations

And in March, Gateway will introduce two new gaming desktops in its
popular FX gaming line:

• Priced at $1,649.99, the FX6800-09 is a mid-range system
offering more performance than the value-based FX6800-01e
and is perfectly priced for those who don't need all the power of the
high-performance FX6800-05 ($2,999.99).
• The FX6800-11, priced at just $1.299.99, brings double the
memory and faster graphics than the popular entry-level FX6800-01e.

Rounding out the FX line, these powerful Intel Core i7 systems give
customers even more choices for their gaming enjoyment!
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