Demigod preview vid features Brad Wardell walkthrough

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Alexander Sliwinski
March 5th, 2009

The latest video of Demigod is actually a four-minute walkthrough of the game with Executive Producer (and Stardock CEO) Brad Wardell. It's been hard to describe Gas Powered Games' Demigod because it's not a conventional RTS. Players mainly focus on leveling up and keeping alive their main deity character, so there are a lot of RPG elements in the game as well.

The video does a solid job of describing what a typical multiplayer match is like. We've had some time with the beta, and the focus of the game is to keep the action going and avoid the micromanagement in normal RTS titles -- a match can be finished in about a half-hour. Although it's not shown in this video, the camera is completely free to set at whatever angle you'd like to experience the action, which is actually pretty cool once The Rook starts whaling on troops. This PC only title -- which once you play, you won't understand why that is -- will be available this April.
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