Four new Aquos Blu-ray DVRs on the way from Sharp

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Richard Lawler
March 5th, 2009
Four new Aquos Blu-ray DVRs on the way from Sharp

Sharp's back again with four more Blu-ray DVRs unlikely to ever see release here in the U.S., but all the rage in Japan. The main upgrade from last year is improved compression, going up to 7x, squeezing HD down to 3.4Mbps MPEG-4 AVC to fit up to 30 hours of HD on each disc. The top of the line BD-HDW40 features 1TB of hardware storage, dual digital TV tuners, 1080p/60 output, BD-Live, and all the oxygen-free copper cabling and anti-vibration tech one would expect, with the other three spec sheets causing predictably lowered paroxysms of pleasure for slightly lower prices.
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