Casio's burst-recordin' EX-FC100 pocket cam reviewed

It's not enough for pocket cams to just shoot high-def video any more. Oh no, they have to do something fancy with it, like Casio's EX-FS10 and EX-FC100, both offering capture at up to 1,000 fps. The latter of those two, with its 5x optical zoom and 9.1 megapixel resolution, has been given the review treatment ahead of its US release, and the little burst-shooter seems to deliver. 30fps stills at 6 megapixels look clear and sharp, while watching the cam switch from 30fps to 210fps video on the fly is still an impressive thing to see -- especially when it's UNLV cheerleaders we're watching in slow-mo, as embedded below. Low-light photography was not found to be this cam's strong point, but it rarely is with shooters this size, so if you're looking for something to capture your own (well-lit) Mythbusters segments with at home, and you have about $400 to spare, this could be your cam. Go team!