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Broadband stimulus plan comes to life, rural teens 'psyched'

Broadband stimulus plan comes to life, rural teens 'psyched'
Joseph L. Flatley
Joseph L. Flatley|March 12, 2009 6:41 PM

The broadband stimulus project is moving forwards in the manner most familiar to our federal bureaucracy: meetings. Lots and lots of meetings. The inaugural soiree was recently held at the National Telecommunications and Information Administration's swank Washington, D.C. headquarters, and included bon mots such as this one by acting FCC Chairman Michael Copps: "Where's the policy for broadband? Where's the action? Where's the beef?" Ouch. Among the first items of business, the group must figure out exactly which connectivity solution to back, with several companies weighing in -- most of 'em (including Spaceway and Wild Blue) going the pure broadband route, while an outfit called AlphaStar has a hybrid satellite / terrestrial service (where the satellite backbone connects to homes over terrestrial wireless systems). Also to be debated is the wisdom of privately owned vs. municipally owned wireless broadband. Either way, we sure hope that our nation's unwired get some help soon -- why should Boxxy have all the fun?
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