Samsung Instinct S30 (alias "Instinct Mini") in the wild, now with more pink

Chris Ziegler
C. Ziegler|03.12.09

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Samsung Instinct S30 (alias "Instinct Mini") in the wild, now with more pink
The Instinct S30's back in the news again ahead of an official announcement, and we've got to say, Sprint: great call staying away from the rumored "Mini" label. The S30 looks like a straight-up upgrade from the original Instinct -- not merely a miniaturized version of it -- mainly on account of the smoother chassis that seems to give the phone a more finished look. Like the Sanyo 2700, it seems the S30 will be available at least in blue and pink, and the form factor certainly lends itself to a whole palette if Sprint thinks it can push 'em off shelves. As you might recall, the first Instinct was announced nearly a year ago at CTIA, so it'd be kind of appropriate of the S30 bowed at CTIA this year, wouldn't it? We'll know in just a few weeks' time.

[Thanks, RWS]

Update: Our tipster tells us that this color is actually "copper," not pink. The camera sure plays some nasty tricks, doesn't it?

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