Samsung Instinct S30 in the wild

Chris Ziegler
C. Ziegler|04.01.09

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Samsung Instinct S30 in the wild
Samsung's officially announcing the Instinct S30 for Sprint as we speak, but why wait for all that jazz? We spied a dummy unit in the flesh out and about in Samsung's mobile charging center here at CTIA, and while we would've preferred it not be behind a thick plate of glare-tastic glass, we'll take what we can get. Notice that little "Exclusively at Sprint" tagline at the bottom there? Coincidentally, the same phone is being shown alongside its Samsung-branded full touch siblings -- the Memoir, Impression, and Verizon Omnia -- on a big ol' banner outside the show floor, so it really doesn't take rocket science to gather what Sammy's theme is going to be here at the show.

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