Are we being teased about the next expansion?

Daniel Whitcomb
D. Whitcomb|04.06.09

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Are we being teased about the next expansion?

So there's been a feeling in the air lately that some of the blues have been in a bit of a teasing mood. Sure, that's not neccessarily new, but what is interesting is what exactly they may be teasing us about. For example, here's a recent post in which one Sulmus of Aerie Peak asks for the Greymane Wall to be opened. Zarhym soon jumps in to say that they would be "out of their mind" to open the wall... then follows up with random ellipses. To top it all off, Bornakk and Crygil jump in with silly punctuation of their own.

Now when Alex and I were discussing this the other day, Alex insisted that they were basically admitting that the Greymane wall would be opened, likely in conjunction with the next expansion. He says it's already in the planning stages, and the blues are just waving the knowledge tantalizingly out of sight because they're not allowed to officially announce it yet. Now, at first I wasn't really on board with it, but then I noticed another post Zarhym commented in.

Imani of Aerie Peak posted a thread with the aim of advocating for more Old World content along the style of the Un'goro detour or Stormwind Harbor in Wrath. With the Maelstrom, she said, Blizzard should focus on fleshing out different areas of the old world, such as Gilneas, Azshara, and Grim Batol, weaving them in with new expansion content to give a sense of continuity. It's certainly a good idea to begin with, but what caught my eye is that Zarhym himself commented that it was a good post, thus surreptitiously tagging the thread with the air of officiality via blue text and providing a tacit endorsement of the idea.

Now of course, Zarhym's not a member of the dev team proper, and he could just simply be saying he thinks it's a cool idea (because it is), but considering his other post, I can't help but wonder if Alex had a point. Maybe these are ways to say, "Yeah, we're headed to the Maelstrom and filling out Azeroth for the next expansion, but we can't tell you that officially, so here, have some oblique references and teasing!"

It could all be wishful thinking, sure. Maybe the blues are just having some fun and commenting on some cool ideas, but still, I'm thinking I'd put good odds on a Maelstrom-related announcement at the next BlizzCon. Time will tell, but I'm starting to feel sort of optimistic.

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