Wizard 101 announces new update

Jon Shute
J. Shute|04.16.09

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Wizard 101 announces new update

KingIsle Entertainment has announced its latest update to Wizard 101, its free to play MMO aimed at younger players that also has an option to subscribe or purchase access passes in order to unlock additional content. Wizard 101, which recently passed a million players, has been receiving frequent updates including a new PvP area and the addition of voice to many characters.

Highlights of this update include new high end spells available for players when they reach level 48. There is one spell for each of the seven schools of magic in the game, which are available through a quest.

Another welcome feature is the ability to buy back a character's training points using Crowns, the game's micro-transaction currency, to allow them to be reused on new spells, which allows players to correct any choices that they are not happy with and try out new ideas.

There are also new rewards for PvP, including a new pet to collect, and the friends list has been expanded to allow you to mark friends as "best friends."
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