Ubisoft dates first HAWX DLC, leaX upcoming content

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Ubisoft dates first HAWX DLC, leaX upcoming content

Ubisoft just swooped in and let us know that Tom Clancy's HAWX will soon receive a fresh delivery of planes direct from Europe. The European Assault Pack DLC launches on April 23 for the Xbox 360 and PlayStation 3 -- priced at 400 and $4.99, respectively -- and includes six new vehicle variations from the "robust" Saab-37 Viggen to the FB-22 prototype bomber.

Along with the press release, Ubisoft sent us a gaggle of images for the content... as well as images for content that wasn't announced. A folder marked Russian Falcons included images of five yet-to-be-announced aircraft and a folder titled US Eagles revealed another five, including the sleek A-12 Avenger. HAWX fans should keep their discs handy, as it looks like this one is getting a few more upgrades in the near future.


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