Movie Cowboy iPod media streamer goes heroic with DC branding

Darren Murph
D. Murph|04.24.09

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Movie Cowboy iPod media streamer goes heroic with DC branding

We won't front -- our heart goes into overdrive each time Japan's own Digital Cowboy births a new product, and we're especially jazzed about its latest Movie Cowboy. Known for introducing markedly outré home entertainment gear, the company's freshest piece is an iPod-friendly HDD-based media streamer that inexplicably boasts branding from DC Comics. So far as we know, the DC-MC35ULI doesn't come loaded with a director's cut of Watchmen, but it does provide room for a single 3.5-inch hard drive along with an Ethernet jack, USB 2.0 sockets, coaxial / optical digital audio outputs, HDMI, a few composite hookups, iPod streaming and charging capabilities and support for an array of file formats. Still, for ¥24,800 ($255), we'd definitely expect some built-in storage... or the promise of eternal invisibility, one.

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