ARM CEO hints at possible Windows 7 support for ARM processors

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ARM CEO hints at possible Windows 7 support for ARM processors
This could just be a case of a CEO letting his wishful thinking out into the open, but ARM's Warren East was apparently all too happy to talk about the possibility of Windows 7 supporting ARM processors during a recent analysts conference call, even if he wasn't quite ready to offer much of anything in the way of specifics. He did lay out the scenario pretty well, however, leading off by saying that "Microsoft will continue to play an important part in this [netbook] space," and that "if there was Windows support for the ARM processor today clearly it would be a very different marketplace." To which he apparently quickly added, "perhaps there will be support in future but that's really for Microsoft to comment on and not for us to comment on, I'm afraid." Of course, all of this is made all the more interesting given ARM's increasing interest in the netbook space, which is certainly a tough nut to crack without Microsoft's assistance -- Android possibilities notwithstanding.

[Via Electronista]
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