Forum post of the day: Go blues!

Amanda Dean
A. Dean|05.16.09

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Forum post of the day: Go blues!
Snaboo of Greymane shouted out to the Blizzard posters on the forums. He appreciates that they are being customer focused and social. This elicited positive responses from a handful of blue posters, except Bornakk, who's still grumpy.

Some posters disagreed about the attention the blues pay to the community. That they are slow to respond to "serious" questions or that they seem disrespectful of players. Crygil pointed out that in many cases there are several threads on a particular subject. The blues try to address at least one of them, but aren't able to respond in all of the threads on a single topic.

As for the types of responses, remember that blues are people too. Considering the amount of negative responses they get, I think they handle the forums with respectable grace. Their responses and comments should be considered in the context in which they were written.

Keep in that the blues are limited to the information that they have and what they can share. As WoW has evolved over the years it is evident that the developers do pay attention to customer concerns. The forums are an excellent place to vent those concerns, and also see how others respond to them. Changes can't happen overnight, but we've gotten much that we've asked for.

Keep posting on the forums, and hug a blue today. It makes Nethaera happy.
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