O2 Germany gets HTC Touch Diamond2 as the uncreatively-named Xda Diamond2

Chris Ziegler
C. Ziegler|05.19.09

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We can dig that the Xda brand carries some weight and some solid history on O2, but usually, the carrier puts at least a little effort into coming up with creative, unique names for its units -- even if they're just mild rebrands of globally-launched HTCs. This time, though, they're not even bothering with the formalities, simply tweaking the Touch Diamond2's name to "Xda Diamond2" for its German launch this week. Pleasantly, the device is SIM-unlocked and features a tasteful carrier tattoo on the lower back; you should be able to find it for €420 (about $568) contract-free, so we'll cut it some slack -- it is HSUPA-capable, after all.
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