Video: In Bayonetta, your middle finger is also a key

Majed Athab
M. Athab|05.25.09

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Video: In Bayonetta, your middle finger is also a key
What do monsters made entirely of hair, gratuitous poses and flaming middle fingers all have in common? They can all be found in the latest trailer for Bayonetta. It seems that every time we get a brand-new glimpse of Platinum Games' action title, it always manages to up the ante on the craziness. Last time, it was all about giving dragons suplexes. Now? Our leading lady uses her flaming purple middle finger to power up her motorcycle.

But it's not all about the absurd; there's also key info on Bayonetta's story to absorb ... which is, okay, rather absurd as well. A new blonde baddie was revealed in the trailer and it looks like she'll be our heroine's main rival. Check all of it out in the clip after the break. But please, try to maintain your sanity.

Source: Eurogamer
Source: Buttonbasher
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