Incoming Virtual On update to tweak graphics, add lobby

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Incoming Virtual On update to tweak graphics, add lobby

The game has been out for just under a month now, but Sega is already detailing the contents of the first title update for Virtual On. The updates are detailed on the official Japanese VOOT blog, Chief among these updates is a new lobby system for online matches. The lobbies will allow players to chat and watch matches online, though the lobbies are apparently invite-only, so don't expect to chat it up with strangers.

The update is also set to include some graphical improvements. Specifically, the shadow effects have been adjusted to make the Virtuaroids (yeah, we said it) appear brighter, while other improvements have been made to the weapon effects as well.

The update is being tested at Sega right now, after which it will be sent to Microsoft for certification. So yeah, the release date is still up in the air. Oh, and remember that new Twin Stick peripheral Sega was considering for the game? It looks like it's still being mulled over, so keep those fingers crossed.

[Via Siliconera]
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