Breakfast Topic: Have you turned to the Dark Side (of Battle.Net)?

Zach Yonzon
Z. Yonzon|06.10.09

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Breakfast Topic: Have you turned to the Dark Side (of Battle.Net)?

I'd been holding off on merging my World of Warcraft account with Battle.Net account for a while now. I really didn't see the point, even though I'm certain to buy Diablo 3 and StarCraft 2 when they come out... soon®. I also haven't been hearing too many good things about the service, although to be fair, log-in problems happen to all World of Warcraft accounts whether they've been merged or not. I didn't really think about it much until yesterday, when Battle-Bots became available over at the Mountain Dew Game Fuel site.

It's a trap. I mean, this is Blizzard's not-so-subtle ploy to get everyone to merge their accounts into Battle.Net. And boy it's a really good one. The thing is, even scammers seem to think that Battle.Net is a good idea -- hacked accounts are immediately converted to Battle.Net to make it harder to recover -- so it might be better to beat them to the punch. I'm not too worried about account security since I've got an Authenticator, but Battle.Net has now become much more attractive to me now that there's a Battle-Bot bribe thrown into the mix. What do you think? Do you guys have Battle.Net accounts? Is the Battle-Bot worth it? Or is Battle.Net the spawn of the devil?

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